I'm Mei and thanks a lot for visiting my blog! I created this blog because I was inspired by so many amazing bloggers out there. "Mei Hearts" is a blog that mainly features posts about makeup, food, health/fitness, and random tidbits of my life.

I am currently still an undergraduate in university, studying the biological sciences, as well as East Asian studies. Thus, my life mostly consists of studying, sleeping, and eating, but I still try to enjoy life before it passes by too quickly.

Though I am a huge science nerd and bookworm, I also love beauty, makeup, and cooking. This blog serves as an outlet for my non-academic passions and hobbies. The non-beauty/cooking segments of my blog serve as written memories: I sometimes want to slow down and make sure to recapture and reminisce on certain events, as trivial as they may seem. I truly enjoy reading everyone else's blogs and interacting with readers (I always make sure visit my readers' blogs)!

Thanks for stopping by!