I've Been Indulging a Lot.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hi everyone~!

How are you guys doing? I just have to say, I am so so so thankful for everyone's lovely comments and support! Thank you guys SO much!! I love visiting everyone's blogs and interacting with you guys so much :)

Today's post will be just one of those random life update posts. I apologize in advance for everything being kind of choppy and seemingly random because my thoughts are scattered all over the place. It's close to my bed time and the past few days have been quite long.

My life is pretty routine right now so I guess there isn't really that much to update haha. Literally pretty much everyday is the same--work, library/studying, run, sleep (and of course a ton of eating)--but I don't mind too much because it's pretty relaxing, except for studying *sobs*.

I never thought I would say this, but I actually enjoy running a lot! It's very relaxing and allows me to forget about stressful thoughts for a bit, even in terrible humid weather. I also get to see my friend since having a running buddy motivates both of you a LOT more so it's kind of my main social time. The route that we take is also really pretty because it's along a lake and there are lots of trees and plants.

Not surprisingly... food is probably one of the most exciting parts of my day haha. I seriously look forward to every meal and then I also enthusiastically plan my next.. =_='' Sorry if food pictures bore you.. but I have been eating a lot! Mostly it's with my co-workers because we all plan our social events around meals haha. We always eat lunch together and it's just a nice time to relax and socialize.

Today, my co-workers had planned to have a bbq and grill, as well as swim. At the beginning of the day, the sun was shining and it was seriously scorching. Just walking 10 minutes to the bus stop left me sweating like a pig >.<. We didn't mind too much because the eating area was under a roof so at least there was shade. We were also very excited to swim so the hot weather  would be perfect. Well.... about half an hour into grilling, it started to downpour, A LOT. That didn't stop us from grilling though because  one of my co-workers absolutely LOVES to grill and she just kept going under an umbrella. However, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) and now we were shivering cold! =_=. We decided that it wouldn't stop us from going into the water though..and luckily the water was nice and warm. But swimming in torrential downpour and getting out of the water was a different story...

Despite the weather and slight discomfort, I was so happy to eat so much delicious food and spend time with some of my favorite people ^_^
One of my favorite new foods has to be fried plantains! Plantains are really gigantic bananas except they're not really sweet. My co-worker makes amazing fried plantains that are extra crispy.Yum :)

Fruit tart and fruit salad ^_^. An attempt to be "healthy".

And of course, it isn't a bbq without lots of meat and beer. We had beef tongue (yes, tongue) and kalbi--delectable :). It was also my first time trying a really really dark beer...It will probably be an acquired taste haha.
In other news, I've been  seriously considering purchasing a DSLR! I just absolutely LOVE how the pictures turn out and always oggle at DSLR pictures. I think it would also enhance the quality of my blog and reviews if I took better pictures. But I know they are extremely extremely pricey, so it is definitely an investment that I need to thoroughly research. I also know that I will be ridiculously busy once the school year starts and might not have any time to properly learn how to use it..but I will try my hardest to make time.

For those of you who do use a DSLR, which DSLR do you use and would you recommend it? I would greatly appreciate your feedback and/or advice for finding a DSLR!

My price range is about $500 USD (*sweat drops*), so it will most likely be a starter DSLR. I have been looking at compact and full size ones but I really don't know how to judge what is better or more suited towards my needs...so really, any advice will be taken into great consideration!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Let's all have a great week ^_^


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  1. It makes me hungry! <3 the looks delicious :)

    .never settle for less.

  2. It's great to have some down time like running etc. I find it a good stress-reliever. lovely photos xx


  3. I'm feeling hungry just looking at your food photos! xD I don't have a DSLR, but the one my dad has (that I sometimes use as well), is the Canon EOS Xi (or something along the lines of that). I've been looking into DSLRs I'd want to use too, and I found that even though it isn't a DSLR, a lot of people recommend the Sony Alpha Nex-5R for beginners - it shoots just like a DSLR! :'D I'm likely getting that camera too, in a few years, if newer models are not out by then. c:

  4. I love (over) indulging in food!
    And it made me cry a little buying my DSLR because of the price. I went with an older model (Canon T1i). Since I'm an amateur, I'd rather save money than go for the more expensive one with more megapixels because I'm told that I wouldn't notice the difference.


  5. i love to grill or doing bbq sometimes..i love to eat exactly hehehehe
    and about DSLR, i dont have any yet, the price is really want to make me scream XD
    btw, would u mind follow each other?
    let me know ^^
    thank u :)

  6. Ahaha I'm the same as you, even when I plan to eat healthy I still get really excited about every meal. What can I say... I love food!

    Swimming in the rain sounds almost fun! haha :)

  7. Haha yeah high-5 girl for being a foodie c:
    I so envy you for enjoying running, I'm like
    out of breath within 5 steps seriously.......
    And you should totally invest getting a DSLR!
    c: Let me know which one you'll get! Xx

  8. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  9. I'm sorry I disappeared for quite a while on blogger. I was busy trying to finish up all my work before I went for a holiday to Italy. I came back on Friday and I'm certainly having the blues, having back problems and being so busy with work.

    I reply to comments on my blog and I'm not sure if you check back. I won't paste over here for fear of cluttering. Thank you for your sweet comments always. =)

    It sure sound like a very eventful day. The scorching, the downpour, the fluctuating temperature, the good food and the great memories.

    Over here, we have banana fritters. I love them but they are oily and really heaty.

    I've always toyed with the idea of getting a DSLR but I'm plain lazy to learn and I find that my Canon S95 takes pretty decent shots. Also, I know of people who find it so troublesome lugging a DSLR that they always leave them at home and use their more compact cameras instead.

    I feel that one the trick to good photos is being really good at editing on photoshop. I've seen so many wonderfully edited pictures not taken by DLSR.

  10. ohh I am bookmarking this post haha because I am looking for a good dslr as well and my budget is around 500 too!! I have my eyes set on the canon 3ti which is 500-600 dollars, but I need to do some more research on it before I get it. It would be so nice to have hq photos!

    I know exactly what you are saying about running! I run 5-6x a week and love it, but people think I am crazy. Running is like time for yourself to relax and think about nothing or whatever you want. I love it. The only thing i dislike is when it is time to get into the racing season and everything gets all competitive!! =l


  11. I use a Sony DSLR and I am happy about it =). I love fruit tarts, been eating too much lately, omg =)

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  12. The fruit tart looks soooo delicious<3 I'm hungry now. Hehehe~

    And you have yourself a new follower on bloglovin' and GFC! i just had to follow you because you love Legend of Korra~ <3 <3 <3

    Check out my blog:)


  13. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  14. That food looks so good!! xx


  15. good blog my dear!


  16. You should try Italian appetizers to eat something special and add a tasty touch to your Grills! Look on http://www.vetryna.com/en/ how many they are! From Peppertuna to giardiniera...mmmm delicious!

  17. Well dear may seem risky eBay is a good place to find deals and new equipment DSRL talking about and if you live in U.S. much more even. Depends Tidi look good between sellers and shops with high and positive feedbacks.

    The fried plantains (called here in Venezuela tajadas) are eaten almost daily with lunch, and yes they are delicious.

  18. Those foods makes me feel hungry right now! :D
    Maybe you want to join my giveaway Have a check and win awesome clothes. :)

    .never settle for less.

  19. Haha oh Mei what a bummer about that pouring
    weather really :c atleast there was yummy (warm)
    food! And glad you are enjoying running!
    Good luck with your summer school as well!