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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hi everyone~!
Today (well, it's actually night now haha), I'll be writing about my current favorite hair dye: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring. The color that I will be reviewing is in #2, Dark Brown. There are a total of 7 different colors, (black, dark brown, natural brown, wine red, sweet orange, gold blonde, and mocha pink). 
Dark brown is literally a dark brown color. I prefer to use Asian hairdyes because the color depicted on the box is much more accurate than non Asian hairdyes. I also love foaming/bubble hairdyes because the formulation really does help the whole dying process become much easier. This was actually my second time using this hair dye because it really does a great job with hair coloring!

I've been dying my hair for a few years now and have used both American dyes and Asian dyes. The only non foaming dye I've ever used was Garnier Nutrisse--the formula was way too messy. From then on, I tried Prettia, the original foaming hair dye, and then the John Freida version of a foaming dye. Unfortunately, both had great results initially, but the color faded too rapidly. 

Back to the Etude House dye: 
The hair coloring set includes the hair color, developer, and a hair mask. It also  included plastic gloves and a wrap (not pictured). 
There are only Korean instructions but it's very self explanatory. You mix the developer and hair color together (but you're not suppose to violently shake it, just gently swing it from side to side), pump out the hair coloring foam, and place it all over your hair. 

This is how the dye looks when applied. Unlike the illustrations, it will not stay foamy in your hair haha. That really doesn't affect the outcome though. The application process was so easy! I divided my hair into top and bottom sections and just plastered the foam everywhere. 

The whole application, including mixing, probably took just 15-20 minutes. After applying all the dye to your hair (one bottle was more than enough for my long but layered hair--see pictures below), tie all your hair up and then wrap a plastic bag around your head. (warning: you will look incredibly silly), and wait 30-60 minutes. The dye instructions recommended 30 minutes but wait longer if you want a more vibrant color. I only waited about half an hour because I was impatient. After waiting, simply rinse out all the dye, shampoo, and apply the conditioning mask. My hair felt alarmingly dry and hard while I was rinsing out the dye, but the hair mask that is included is amazing! The mask really restored a lot of moisture in my hair and it felt unbelievably silky. 

So here is my hair color "before". This is the result of roots growing in after dying my hair about a year ago with the same color.
And then after dying my hair:
I actually went to the same place for both these pictures and tried my best to achieve the same lighting (I even sat at the same table and ordered the same food haha). Though the lighting turned out to be a tad bit different, I think these photos depicts the results pretty accurately.

As you can see, my roots weren't completely dyed so I did not get an even color overall :/. However, this is my own fault because I did not put the dye on my roots first!!  I think the rule of thumb is, if you already have dyed hair, dye the roots first then the ends; if you have never dyed your hair before or if you don't have roots, apply dye to the ends first and then the roots. Well, it looks like I learned this the hard way. However I don't mind this uneveness that much because I can slyly pass it off as "ombre" ;) hahahah. My roots did become a dark brown color, very close to the color on the box. As for my already colored ends, the color became more ashy and less brassy, which I'm very happy with. 

What I Like
-Cheap: Less than $10 on eBay. Even cheaper (about $7) in Korea.
-Easy to use: This is definitely the most hassle-free dye I've ever used--a huge plus!
-Color does not fade
-Not damaging: For my hair, which is already thin and fine, this dye did not dry my hair out or cause it significant damage. In fact, the mask that is included works so well that I think the condition of my hair even improved after using the dye
-Accurate color: Even with naturally almost black hair, the color pictured on the box accurately depicted the resulting color. I cannot speak for the other colors in this line, but dark brown turned out lovely.

What I Would Change
-Color can become brassy: Like I mentioned earlier, I used the same dye and color previously. Comparing my before and after picture, I think that the "before" color is slightly more yellow and brassy. So with time, even if the color does not fade, it can change tones. I prefer the ashier color in the "after" picture and would love this dye even more if this color could remain the same.
-Hard to obtain: If you don't online shop or have friends who visit Asia and can bring you back goods, then it will be a bit difficult to purchase this dye. 

Final Verdict
I have had such a wonderful experience using this dye. I highly recommend it if you have dark hair and want to dye your hair by yourself. Honestly, I don't think I will use another hair dye! 

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  2. It does look like an ombre effect, and it's gorgeous that way<3 ^__^ I like it~


  3. I feel like all your post are so useful to me hehe! I have the same kind of hair color fading/roots growing out as you and I need to fix it soon for senior portraits!
    I have def. heard a lot about these asian hair dyes and I really do want to purchase one for myself to try. Hopefully it works for my hair as well as yours!


    ps. I thought it was funny when I read that you ordered the same thing =)

  4. Even tho it didn't even out your
    entire hair, I think it boost up
    your ombre effect c: Love the
    packaging really! Xx

  5. I love bubble hair dye too coz it makes dyeing so much easier. I almost forgotten how to use the other types of hair dye. I've only tried the liese ones and then my past 2 dyes were done at the salon. I would be very miffed about the 2 tone hair colour coz I really hate the unevenness of my black roots but on you, you could easily pass off as ombre. No problem about that at all.

    Yes, Italy is a bucket list destination if you love history, arts, culture and architecture. I'm sure you do. =)

  6. I would try this ^.^

    btw, I am hosting an international giveaway on my blog, feel free to join.

  7. I didn't know Etude House made hair dye too. It sounds quite simple to use and your hair turned out really pretty!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. LOL at ordering the same food as well! haha your hair looks really pretty in the end. love Etude House products, so cheap and good! :)

    Metallic Paws

  9. the colour really suits your hair! it looks a bit ombre-ish (maybe my eyes are just a bit weird) but it's definitely pretty! and yes, i didn't know etude house stocked hair dye though.
    thank you for the review ♡


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