Review: E.L.F Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hi everyone!
Today, I'm going to review one of the products that I recently purchased.

Recently, E.L.F has launched a new line of products that cost $2. Before this, the majority of their products were either $1 or $3, with the exception of certain face products. One of the new products in this line is the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen.

This product claims to be "New and improved application", long lasting, and waterproof. I'm assuming that this "new and improved" is aimed towards their other waterproof eyeliner pen in the E.L.F essentials line but since that eyeliner pen is still available, I'm not entirely sure.

Right off the bat, this eyeliner intrigued me because it's actually one of those 3 pronged applicators that have been pretty popular in more high end and Korean brands. Some people find that the 3 pronged applicator is easier to apply.

Moving onto the actual review of this eyeliner:

Pigmentation: I got this eyeliner in black and for me, I think this eyeliner is actually very black. I saw some other reviews saying that it's not black enough, but in my opinion, I think this eyeliner is sufficiently pigmented.

On my hand, it looks like that the eyeliner bleeds but that's only because my hand has a lot of crevices in it. Bleeding is not a problem when applied to the eye, as I will later show.

Waterproof + Smudging: Though I have pretty dry skin, my eyelids are very oily. Often with other eyeliners, I always have some kind of smudging and flaking issue. With this eyeliner, I did a smudge and water proof on my hand.

I waited about a minute for the eyeliner to dry and then rubbed forcefully with my index finger. As you can see, this eyeliner does not really pass the smudge test and when water is added, even more product is smudged. HOWEVER, when I wore it on my eyes, the eyeliner stayed put the entire day, multiple times. I experienced VERY minimal disappearance of product (when little gaps start to appear in your eyeliner) but oddly, no smudging. Thus, I think it's safe to say that this eyeliner is indeed long lasting IF you don't rub your eyes or walk into rain/ go swimming with this on. Although, even if you got stuck in water, I don't think you would be completely raccoon eyed.

Ease of removal: I tried removing this eyeliner with just my normal face cleanser but this did not entirely removed all of the product from my eyes. I need to use a separate eye makeup remover (I usually just use petroleum jelly) to entirely clean this product off but it's nothing too difficult.

Ease of Application: I find the application to be pretty normal. I think by this time, I am pretty use to applying liquid eyeliner, especially with felt tip applicators. I admit, the 3-pronged applicator is a little bit different and I think it's fantastic for very thin lines. But I tend to like my eyeliner a bit thicker so the 3-pronged applicator makes it a little more difficult to achieve that than felt tip applicators. However, in general, I think application is pretty easy and there isn't a significant difference.

Affordability: This eyeliner is extremely affordable: only $2!

Here is how this eyeliner looks on my eye. I think it's definitely pigmented enough for me and this look lasted for me all day :)

Overall Verdict: I think this eyeliner is really wonderful, especially for the price! It's pigmented, long lasting, very affordable and easy to apply. The only downside for me is that it's not totally waterproof but if I know I'm encountering water, I will just use a different eyeliner for the day. This is a great everyday eyeliner and I think everyone should give it a try!

Have you tried this product out? Let me know what you think! ^_^

Thank you for reading :)


Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money and this review is my complete honest opinion!


  1. Great post! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? xx

  2. Oh my gosh this version looks really cool1
    I tried the old version and doen´t was waterproof!
    Many thanks for this review!

  3. Wow, this looks so awesome! o: It's super pigmented AND affordable~ I'll have to look for this in my drugstores! Thanks for the review, Mei!

  4. I think for just only 2 bucks, this product is
    amazing c; Thanks for the review Mei! Xx

  5. That looks really good eyeliner! I have not tried anything from Elf, but it is a very inexpensive brand and from what I've read their products are of very good quality :)

  6. Wow, well I need a new eyeliner anyway and this seems to fit the bill. :3 Also thank you for the comment about my recent post about my childhood. Really appreciate it.

    I love ELF! Lots of good stuff without breaking the bank. (changed from Bunni Kisses)

  7. that is a really inexpensive liner and I love how dark it is. It def. looks like it last a long time which is perfect for me b/c I have gym class in the morning!!

  8. nice post!! :)

  9. wow that's a great deal!!


  10. Thank you for the review :) I was just looking for a new eyeliner since the one from essence isn't really good, but it's cheap, buuut, this one is cheaper and looks better according to your review, so I'll give it a try :) Thank you!

  11. btw, I follow you on GFC :)