Review: E.L.F Essential Flawless Eyeshadow

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hi everyone~!

Today, I'll be reviewing another product from the relatively new $2 line from E.L.F. This time, I'm reviewing the Essential Flawless Eyeshadow palette in Happy Hour. There are a total of 7 different palettes in this line. Standing in the E.L.F section at Target, I contemplated for quite awhile about which palette to choose. I of course instantly went for one of the more neutral palettes--mostly bronzes and browns--but most of my eyeshadows are already those colors. So I decided on a palette with a combination of a bright-ish color and neutral colors.

Packaging: As you can see, each palette comes with 4 colors--base, lid, crease, and line--and each pan is a very generous size. There is also a tiny mirror at the bottom but the entire palette is super compact, probably about the size of a playing card. I think the packaging is absolutely fantastic because it's so compact and sturdy: perfect for travelling.

And here is a swatch of the shadows on my arm. No eyeprimer was used because I normally apply primer when wearing eyeshadow.
Pigmentation: As shown in the picture, some colors are more pigmented than others. The base color and line color has excellent pigmentation and shows up very true to color. I especially love the base color because it's just a gorgeous highlighting color. The crease color has decent pigmentation but I do like using this on the crease because I like to keep contouring light. The beautiful lilac color, unfortunately, is the least pigmented, especially when applied to the eye. I have to swipe at least two or three times before decent color shows up on my lids but it's still a usable color.

Texture: Since these eyeshadows are extremely cheap, I did not expect much in terms of texture or pigmentation. Surprisingly, I was pretty impressed with all the colors' textures except the lid color. The lid color was very crumbly and chalky, especially for a matte color. The base color had the best texture--smooth, buttery, and very easy to blend. The crease and line color textures were not far behind, but they were just a little chalky. Overall though, the textures are very decent, and even with the one crumbly color, it is definitely worth the $2. All colors were easy to blend with.

Staying Power: Like I mentioned previously, I never really use an eyeprimer anymore (I use to). Also, I have never really had a problem with creasing so my opinion on staying power may not be the most accurate (sometimes I have problems with fading though). For me, I did not experience any creasing or fading when I used this palette (and I did use all the colors) even on humid and hot days. Note though I have only used these eyeshadows on my upper lid--I did not test it on the lower lashline yet.

Affordability: Like all ELF products, this is extremely affordable--$2 for 4 colors!

Overall: I am definitely glad I picked up this palette! It's such a great deal and I like the colors. For $2, the pigmentation and texture of this palette is great. My favorite color is the base color because it's such a gorgeous shimmery color. It's perfect for highlighting the eyebrow bone and the inner tear ducts. It's also very similar to my favorite eyeshadow, Stila's Kitten!  I think I will definitely pick up more palettes in this line!

I hope this review was helpful!


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  1. nice!!

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  3. RYC: thanks for dropping by! Yeahhh it took me a while to find the right furnitures! but I did get the side table from craigslist. There was a lady who made furnitures from scratch. So sometimes theres a lot of cool stuff on there, just really need to look around!

    Woo the eyeshadows look good! I always love deals :)

  4. yay for the texture being nice . I have to agree that the base color is beautiful! I would personally choose to use that color in my inner tear ducts to brighten my eyes. It's so pigmented and bright!

  5. The texture looks nice. The pigmetation medium but is nice for the price. The lid and base color are really cute sweetie!
    Thanks for the review!

  6. Lovely post and the colours are gorgeous!! Perfect for a more everyday look.

    Christina xx

  7. I love eyeshadows that are idiot-proof like this. I would most certainly need very detailed instructions to tell me where I should apply certain colours. I don't usually use eyeshadow and would only use them for dramatic make up days when I paste tape on my lids to make the crease higher. ELF is always at such a steal with very decent products. We don't have them here though.

    RYC on my instagram post:
    Thank you for the compliments about my glasses. Hehe… My social media photos always look like I’m having lots of fun as times when I’m not having fun, I don’t take pictures. Nevertheless, I would always smile when I look upon these happy pictures.

    RYC on my hair post:
    Thanx for your inputs. I love reading them. My friends on FB who commented also love the updo look best. However, I personally feel that I need lots of make up to compliment that look. I don’t look wo make up and having my bangs up.

  8. great review! the colors are so cute! :)
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  9. no kidding, $2? such a great deal :) thanks for reviewing! :)

    Metallic Paws

  10. beautiful blog!

  11. Nice review :) so cheap! I might get one now ;D

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  12. On my to buy list for when I go to the US. I nominated you for the liebster award. Please check it out at:

  13. Great review! :) This looks like such a pretty palette! If only I was better at applying eyeshadow haha. I am always attracted to eyeshadow palettes but hardly ever end up using them (because of the aforementioned issue that I'm terrible at applying eye products).

  14. I like the sound of this, looks like an easy product to use when you're in a hurry (which i usually am in the morning!). I've yet to try ELF products, i'm keen to get my hands on this one though x

  15. I've always wanted an ELF palette. The colors are so pretty and easy to mix!:)
    Following you now on GFC dear. Now it's your turn? Thanks in advance!

    xx, Mela