Lazy Week in Photos

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hi everyone~

This last week has been very enjoyable because I have been relaxing, hanging out with friends, and doing some career exploration. It's so lovely when you're not extremely stressed out and worrying all the time. I can take the time to slowly enjoy little things, and catch up with friends that I had not seen in a very long time.  I actually had time to take a few photos this week ^_^

(The pictures are a mix from my camera and my phone...early apologies for the inconsistent quality~)

The weather was so beautiful in the beginning of the week. It was also abnormally cool, which I enjoy (I hate hot weather). I love spring because all the pretty flowers are blooming! But there are also a ton of dandelions blooming while simultaneously spreading their seeds. I think dandelions are rather pretty but unfortunately, they are not good for my allergies.

I also shopped a lot this week~ I got a few products to try out and I will be reviewing them soon ^_^. There's a big CVS beauty clearance sale right now so definitely go check it out if you live by a CVS (also never forget to scan your CVS card for coupons =D).
One of my best friends from high school turned 21 this week so of course, we had to go celebrate! It was on a Tuesday night so it wasn't that busy, but we still had fun!
 We went to a bar to get free birthday drinks. Surprisingly, they gave me a free birthday drink mug (you get to keep the mug!) too. These were really sweet drinks and my stomach was already upset so I did not get my use out of them..but still free =P.
This wasn't the same night but we also tried some apple pie shots... and they were delectable! It tasted just like apple juice with cinnamon--no trace of alcohol involved. I wonder what their secret is..hmm.

I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to enjoy this relaxing week off and see old friends. This week, I'm back to studying and working hard to achieve my dreams. Although it's very hard to start studying and disciplining myself again, especially during summer vacation, I will try my best to keep up the motivation.

Of course, summer won't be all studying and research. I'm working on a few reviews on the products that I recently purchase! I want to test out each product for awhile before writing a review but they will be coming soon ^_^ I love makeup and beauty because it's a lovely distraction from the science world :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and will have a great week ahead!

And thank you all soo much for all your comments and for reading my humble blog ^_^



  1. Its good to relax once in awhile c;
    Nice flower pictures! And also happy
    birthday to your friend, the b-day
    drinks in a jar is just too cute!


  2. OMG those drinks in the jam jars look amazing :D :D xx

    Gemma ♥ |

  3. those flowers are beautiful and yay for free drinks!
    The colored drinks look really cool haha!

  4. Thanks a lot dear! You can find the green tea kitkat online! Amazon and ebay sells them. LOl

  5. Being able to relax, seeing old friends and receiving free stuff are the best things that could happen to you all in a day. I would love all these too.

    Thanx for your birthday wishes, dear. The test caused me quite a bit of pain and discomfort but I did enjoy myself after that.

  6. Oh really beautiful photographs sweetie!
    Oh really nice products from ELF so nice!