Another School Year Has Passed!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hi everyone!

I am finally finished with exams and am done with my junior year of college! I seriously cannot believe it because time went by astronomically fast. The amount of things that change and the people you meet in one school year is also unbelievable. I really can't believe I will be a senior next year.. and will be graduating in just one year! Honestly, I am not sure if I'm ready to graduate yet... and start thinking about adult issues like insurance, paperwork, taxes, and lots of mumbo jumbo that I as a student never think about. Anyway, next year I will definitely enjoy my last year of being an undergraduate student!

Since I have been just studying for the past month, I will share a few random snaps and snippets of my life.
My city had an alpaca festival awhile ago... (yes, I know.. an alpaca festival haha) and I have a weird love for alpacas. I think they are so adorable so my roommate and I went and visited some alpacas!

I think they are the most adorable animals (besides cats). They are so fuzzy and cute! They looked pretty happy just chilling and eating to their hearts' desires haha. That must be nice.

While studying, my friend and I needed a break so we took a walk to Walgreens. The weather has finally been beautiful lately (except it will be raining all week next week :( ) and we passed by these beautiful flowers. I wanted to test out my new(ish) camera as well.

Spring on campus is always the prettiest! There are flowers blooming everywhere, green grass, and the air smells lovely.

That day was Mother's Day and I wanted to get my lovely mother some chocolate.
Onomnom. My mom loves dark chocolate and the Sea Salt Caramel flavor is deelicious.

Last but not least, a selfie from a very nice weather day. It was the first sunny day in a long time!

I finally got a phone with a front facing camera haha. I feel vain and self conscious taking selfies but the weather was just so nice that day~ I was on the way to class and I just wanted to soak in the prettiness of the weather. Also, it was one of the rare days I put on eye makeup. 

This summer I will still be studying my butt off.. I just signed up to take the MCAT (medical school test) and I know it will kick my butt :'(. But I will be relaxing for about a week first! And I might finally get my drivers' licence... but we'll see about that... (yes, I'm 21 and still can't drive legally). 

I hope you all have a great weekend ~ I can finally start playing around with beauty products ^_^ 

<3 Mei 


  1. Ohhh sweetie, good luck with your
    MCAT exams! You can do it c:
    I love alpacas, these looks really
    fluffy! I hope your mum liked these
    chocolates ^^ also thanks for your
    sweet comment!


  2. Are alpacas llama? These on your blog look like baby llamas. How cute to have a alpaca festival too.

  3. good luck on your mcat exams! I know you will pass!!

    You look so pretty in your selfie!

    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog and I think you would be intrested-
    Win A Free Piece From Oasap on my blog!

  4. Congratulations sweetie! I´m very happy for you!
    Oh the baby alpacas are really cute!
    And so nice than you have a new phone whit front camera!

  5. Congratulations dear!

    What sunscreens are you using? I hate my sensitive skin!

  6. stumble upon your blog and loving it! Am following your blog via GFC! Do check out my blog and follow if you like :)


    xoxo, Alee

  7. Congratulations for completing your junior year of college!! Next week is my last week before I have to start studying for exams :(.. Aww, you look pretty hun! I love your red lips and the eye makeup! Take more selfies! I know what you mean about feeling vain when taking photos of oneself, though I'm okay with it but I just dont like posting it up, haha. I guess it's just our insecurities talking. :p x

  8. Alpacas!! So cute <3 Congrats on finishing junior year. You look very pretty :3

  9. Thanks for responding! I'm sorry my photos made you hungry.. Lol.

    Have you tried shiseido sunscreens? I've been told they're great and they keep your face matte. I don't think I can get your sunscreen over here. Probably online, but then I prefer checking it out in store before buying. Especially now that my face is on hyperactive mode..

  10. Awww… Mei. That’s a really sweet thing to say. I’m smiling at your comment. I do take note of bloggers who leave me comment about my writing. I tend to be really verbose with lengthy post and I reckon that most people dropping by my blog would simply scroll through without really reading. Hence, I would sit up when I notice anyone telling me how they like my writing. Thank you for your lovely words.

    Following you right now too. =)

  11. You look very pretty! ^_^ Dont feel self conscious!

  12. all the best for your MCAT! im interested in taking UKCAT and BMAT for postgrad medicine! heard all these tests gonna be killers but if we have a dream we can push through it!

    xoxo, alee

  13. Hi! so cute blog :) in my country there are many alpacas ha ha ha, these photos are very tender :) Visit my blog! if you like we follow each other, let me know.