My Favorite Face Brushes

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all had an AMAZING weekend!

Today I just wanted to share my current favorite brushes for doing face makeup (foundation, concealer, etc). I use to be one of those people who think that brushes are unnecessary and doesn't make a difference in applying makeup. Obviously I have a very different opinion now and I cannot do makeup without brushes!

The only real downside of using brushes is to clean them regularly. I am horrible at keeping my brushes clean... I try my very best to clean my face brushes about once a week or at least every other week. Eyeshadow brushes are a very different story though... but I digress.

This week I have been extra extra extra lazy.. (I know we all have those weeks!) and I completely ignored cleaning my brushes so I've been using my fingers to apply foundation and concealer. However, a few days later, my face got super red and inflamed and I'm pretty sure that's because fingers are probably not the most hygienic method of putting on face makeup. So almost immediately, I washed my brushes and they are back in business.
 So from left to right.....
1) Ecotools Bamboo Foundation Brush: Even though it's a foundation brush, I use this to apply concealer. This brush makes applying concealer a breeze--it blends wonderfully! It retails for $5.99 but I got it 50% off on cyber monday! Definitely one of my favorite purchases.

2) Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Multipurpose Flatop Brush: I received this brush as a present from one of my best friends on my 18th birthday--that's right, 3 years ago! Today, it is still functioning like new. I use this brush to apply foundation everyday. This brush blends foundation so well and makes it look very natural. The bristles are very dense and so extremely soft The only downside is that it does become dirty very quickly. The brush is a little bit pricey, retailing for $15.79 but it is so worth it! 

3) E.L.F Powder Brush:  I am sure most of you have heard of this brush since it's all over the internet. It is truly the best brush for the value--$3! I use this for powder and then have another for blush. It is very soft--not scratchy at all. It also applies powder and blush very efficiently. I would just be careful when washing because the handle can become loose. 

What are some of your favorite brushes? I would love to know if you had any suggestions because I always love trying new products and tools!


FTC: All products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own! 


  1. I use this kitchen brush to apply
    mask haha :P
    I don't use make up so I don't
    have a favorite type of brush. Or
    does my kitchenbrush count haha?


  2. I just stick to my ecotools brushes! They amazingly soft and manageable. :) Sometimes I forget to clean them but I try my best to :PP

  3. Very interesting your brushes, I have an Ecotools brushes are fantastic and also very economical also what makes me like them more. I wash my concealer brushas of once a week. I want try with the ELF brush because looks georgeus.


  4. Your post is the second one that I have read today that gave a positive review to the ELF brush. I really want to get that now :P I have to admit that cleaning my brushes is not my favourite thing to do either. I personally really like Real Techniques brushes. The quality is good and they are quite affordable as well.


    1. I unfortunately cannot reply to you on your blog right now because disqus is being difficult! Thanks for visiting my blog ^_^ I've never heard of Real Techniques but I will check it out!

  5. I really ought to try out brushes instead of using my fingers for everything. I'm really tempted to try these out. ^^