Review: Wet n' Wild Coverall Pressed Powder

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hi everyone!

Winter is almost.. almost over and spring is about to begin! Hopefully it will last for awhile before summer settles in. Despite changing seasons, my skin is still dry as parchment if I do not moisturize properly. Because of this dryness, my Airspun powder was completely flaking on me.. a horrible sight. So I finally decided that I should either 1) get a new powder or 2) get a good face primer because without powder or primer, my foundation doesn't always stay put for the whole day.

Anyway, so I went to Walgreens because they were supposed to have a great sale on the Rimmel primer which received good reviews on MUA, but it seemed like the sale already ended and I didn't want to pay full price for it since drugstore full price is always marked higher than places like Target & Walmart.  But then something else caught my eye: the Wet 'n' Wild Coverall Powder. Since it's a newer product, I couldn't find any reviews on it but at a pricetag of $3, I didn't have much to lose.

Packaging: I thought the packaging closely resembled the Revlon Photoready powder. But I had never used that before so I can't really make a fair comparison. The whole product is very light, thin, and very travel friendly. It's made of very cheap plastic but I don't mind because I like minimal packaging. So far it has not cracked or anything (I have traveled a few times with it) so I think the packaging is pretty sturdy overall. I apply it with a brush so I have not really found much use for that sponge. I don't mind that there's not a mirror because it is lighter and less wasteful.

Texture: If you over stipple your brush in the pan, this powder becomes very crumbly and it can get messy. However, once patted on the face, the finish is wonderful! I like a more matte finish when it comes to face makeup but not too matte to the point where I appear to obviously have packed on the powder. The finish is very natural and leaves my face looking clean, not greasy (I still get oily even with dry skin *sadness*). FYI, I don't believe this powder is intended to be pigmented enough to replace even a tinted moisturizer. This was in the shade Light/Medium and I don't notice it adding any color.

Lasting Power: I was extremely pleased to notice that at the end of the night, my foundation is still all in tact! Usually, I will have either dry patches or redness by the end of the day--very unpleasant. But I really don't encounter this problem when I put have this powder on!

Overall Thoughts: This is now my holy grail face powder! The price tag can't be beat and I have seen nothing but satisfying results. In addition, this powder doesn't break me out (I have fairly sensitive skin) which is always a big plus. Although it can be two powdery if I tap my brush into the pan too hard, that can be easily avoided by gently tapping the pan instead.

If you have seen or tried this powder, let me know what you think!

FTC: All products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own!


  1. Hello Mei,
    My name is Charlotte, I passed by your blog and I love it! Thanks for such great review too. Would you like to be friends/followers? :)

  2. Always good to hear reviews about products that I haven't used before! Seems like something I should be adding to my collection...

  3. Wow, I'm surprise to hear that it works so well! And for 3 dollars, I will definitely give it a try! Thanks for the great and detailed review!


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  4. Wow now I want try this powder. this brand is some hard to ge to me.
    I just can shop online this product.
    But maybe I´ll purchase.
    Many thanks for your review sweetie.


  5. Great review, I've never tried this face powder before but tempted to ^^

    恵美より ♥

  6. great review! might have to go have a look at it now :)

  7. Great! love your blog!!!

  8. glad to hear it works well for you! :)

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  9. What a bargain for such a promising product!