21st Birthday!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you sooooooooooo much for all of your comments! I'm so touched and happy to know that there are actually people reading my blog :'). I'm so excited to be following so many new blogs now because I love reading yours too!

As I mentioned before, I turned 21--the age where you are legally allowed to drink alcohol in America. While I'm feeling old and nostalgic that I will never be legally forbidden from drinking again, I had a wonderful birthday. I'm just really glad I got to celebrate it with many awesome people. While planning my birthday activities, I seriously had a moment where I was just thinking "wow.. do I really know and care about this many people? I have this many friends?" haha.

My boyfriend and I celebrated earlier because he went on a trip for his break. He got me super pretty flowers! I love the variety and the aroma is absolutely breathtaking. And best of all, they are actually still alive! I always feel kind of sorry whenever Mr.H gives me flowers because I am horrible at taking care of them and they usually die within a few days.....

Close ups!

We went to dinner (of course how else will I be happy :P) at a  fancy-ish Itallian restaurant. I tried the risotto, which I have been wanting to try for a really long time, and he got chicken Parmesan. And... crabcakes for the appetizer!

Fastforward into the week, I didn't actually celebrate my birthday on my birthday because I had an exam the next day. Yes, I am a responsible students, sometimes =P. But the day before my birthday, while struggling to study at the library, my friend and I suddenly decided that we should go to a bar at midnight to get a free birthday shot. This was so spontaneous but really fun! I'm glad she convinced me to go.

And two days after, I was finally done with exams and could celebrate! I went to dinner with about 8 of my girlfriends (love them soo much <3) and due to respect for their privacy, I won't post any pictures up. But... I did, not surprisingly at all, took pictures of my food ;P.

Yumyumyum. I have an obsession with tamales..and Mexican food in general.

And this was the look of the night... Warning: extreme closeup of my face.
And after dinner, I had my first actual bar experience..hah hah. The only real complaint I had was I am pretty sure my hearing is worsening I pretty much almost lost my voice from talking to people through ear crushingly loud music.

This was definitely one of my favorite birthdays! I still can't believe I'm 21.. and well, only getting older. But I should really see that as a blessing because being alive is a miracle and not everyone gets to turn one year older.

My life might not be the most exciting to some people, but I'm really trying to enjoy each moment. The cliche "life is short" blahblah speech is really true and sometimes it scares me how fast time pasts by. So I will try to take more pictures, create more memories, and reflect on those memories so that time just doesn't pass by.

I really need to do some final packing now because it's spring break for me!! I'm going to visit my friend near Chicago.. so expect even more food pictures in the future... :D (but not just food pictures, I promise).



  1. Ah, 21! I felt like my life just became a little more enjoyable when I turned 21 :P. Lovely flowers you got from your boyfriend :). Have you ever thought about drying flowers? Just hang it upside down with a string for 2 weeks ^^

    Dawn @ Pursiko.com

  2. Happy Birthday~ c:
    The flowers from your boyfriend are so sweet! c:
    You look gorgeous~

  3. Oh sweetie you´re so lovely really cute selfie!
    Weel , first at al Happy Belated Birthday!
    you´re absolutely cute!
    Beautiful flowers!



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  5. Happy be-lated birthday! Your skin is flawless in that close up so no worries. Have fun in Chicago, there so are many good restaurants there!

    Xiang Jiao @ Pursiko.com

  6. Haaappy belated birthday! 21 is a
    beautiful age c: Enjoy most of it!
    The flowers is beautiful and the
    dinner looks so yum yum :c I'm
    hungry again..


    1. (haha, don't worry about the html post style c:
      And thank you! When I see other 'Mei' I can't
      help but to check out their site :P) xx

  7. Aww, you gorgeous girl! Happy belated birthday!~ You're absolutely right, time passes by so quickly and people tend to forget to enjoy life amidst their daily routine. I know I'm one of those people who do, but it's the little reminders (like this post) that helps me to remember that we only live once. Definitely take more photos! I've started to really get into the habit within the past year and it's been great. I love looking back to see what foods I've consumed and things I've done, haha. ^-^ x