Saturday, February 2, 2013

School has been conquering my life lately, as usual. But cold weather has been controlling my daily activities as well :'(. I really don't understand the weather sometimes.. last week it was raining and 13 degrees Celsius (yes I live in the states but I know no one else in the world uses Fahrenheit haha). Then Wednesday there was a full blown snow storm...and come Thursday, it's freeezing cold, about -18 degrees Celsius with wind chill. Ever since then, it has been bone chilling cold! Even when I wear double pants (we all do it!), my legs are still frozen due to the freezing wind.

This was what I saw on my porch window as I was leaving for class on Friday...
Taken by my crappy cellphone camera.. 
I think it was one of those "beauty of nature" moments. Even though I was insanely uncomfortable due to the weather, I just had to stop and capture the pretty icicle/frozen snow pattern.

Also, since it was Friday that day , I decided to wear an awesome awesome awesome shirt......

Fire Ferrets!! Any Avatar/Korra fans out there?? I'm super excited for the second season to start! My amazing roommate gave this to me for Christmas ^_^. Does this pic also count as a FOTD pic? I know not everyone does this, but I almost always put on full face makeup for school. Some people might think it's impractical but putting makeup on in the morning (with youtube videos going on the background) is just really therapeutic and gets me going for the day (along with coffee^_^)!

School has been going pretty well. Of course we haven't had midterms yet... so who knows how that will go *nervous chuckle*. I'm enjoying my classes so far (except for physics...because I will never enjoy that) and I also love being able to have moments outside of classes with friends. My campus is extremely gigantic (it could take half an hour to walk from one class to another) and this semester one of my classes is in the hospital part of our campus. The hospital cafeteria is seriously my favorite place to eat because 1) there is silverware so I don't have to feel guilty about using plastic 2) There are microwaves!!! 3) There are free dipping/salad sauces 4) there is not funky tasting water 5) the food there is actually tasty and cheap :D. Yes.. I can be a weirdo and I am excited by such simple things haha. But if you pack your lunch almost everyday for school I bet you would share my excitement too.

Yea, food kind of rules my life. I'm okay with it.

That is pretty much it for now.. I'm still eyeing a certain camera and hoping for the price to drop so no better quality pictures for now :/

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