Happy Chinese New Year!+ Recent Foodventures

Sunday, February 10, 2013

As many people know, today is Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year! This year is the year of the Snake... I can't believe in a few years, it will be my year, the  Monkey, again!
I got a super generous red envelope from my dearest mom <3. 
Since I live in an area where there isn't a Chinatown or a huuuuuuuge population of Chinese people, there isn't really a big celebration anywhere near by. So usually I don't actually do much on CNY besides eat, which is totally fine with me because as you probably know by now, I'm incredibly in love with food.

My mom isn't super traditional and makes whatever she feels like. But one thing that's always present in all holiday celebrations in my family is......

The eggroll! We always make a ton of these. Yummmm.

Fish is usually present during CNY dinners... For some reason my family thinks eating fish makes you smarter haha...
Duck is also a must during new year's!! It's such a delicious and mouthwatering treat. The flavor and tenderness of duck is just unmatched *drooool*.
My mom had an extra can of apple filling so she decided to make pie haha. Not very traditional, but scrumptious!

I of course ate my heart away, especially since my stomach was just growling like mad before dinner. In addition to CNY dinner, I also ate a ton of other things this weekend.

On Friday, Mr.H, my roommate, and I tried out a burger joint called "Cheeseburgers in Paradise", which we've never heard of before.

I got the Cuban burger which had a burger patty, salami, ham, and cheese pressed in between two slices of bread. The burger was super rich, decadent, and satisfied my craving for greasy delicious unhealthy food. Guess what's on the side?? Fried pickles!!! I am a huge fan of pickles and was super excited to know that fried pickles was a side option. They were a bit salty but overall, pretty yummy. I actually like this style of burger better because it's so much easier to eat!
Mr.H got the bacon and guac burger.. the slices of bacon look soo heavenly. And their fries were really good because I like a thinner cut fry.

Today, Mr.H had a craving for Mexican food. After going to the Mexican restaurant that I had mentioned a few posts earlier, it was not even an option to go to any other restaurant.
I'm so glad we got to go during lunch because they have tamales!! I got the shredded pork one and they were not a bit disappointing. Everything was super moist and superb.. and I love the presentation!
Mr.H got the chicken enchiladas in mole sauce. Everything about this dish is seriously LOVE. The sauce is probably the most addicting food items ever--it's a tiny bit chocolaty, bitter, savory, and sweet. Also, the chicken is always cooked to perfection, which is so rare and a big reason why I never venture towards chicken. And again, the presentation is so lovely.

I am sooooooooo hungry right now so looking at these pictures is a bit painful. But I shall sleep away my hunger and look forward to breakfast in the morning! Breakfast is totally my favorite meal of the day.

Good night/morning/day :)


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