Winter Break!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I have been super unmotivated to blog because it's so time consuming to download and edit pictures, especially when my camera is absolutely horrible. But I have just decided to ramble and not care as much about presentation.

I've been on winter break for about 2 weeks and have a little less than two weeks left. This break was so needed and perfect for recharging after a busy semester. The semester turned out wonderful and I ended up doing the best I've ever done! I was super lucky because the day of one of my finals, there was a snowday! So I got to take the grade I had, which was a 96% ^_^. That left me with just one final this semester! That had never happened before and it felt awesome.

Christmas was not super exciting, but still very enjoyable. I stayed at home with my family and my mom made a ton of delicious food (which is pretty much how all Asians celebrate any holiday) and Mr.H came over as well. We opened presents (which I was so lucky and thankful that my parents provided me with suc an unexpected gift), ate, and played Chinese card games which is our usual tradition for any holiday.

The rest of break so far has just been relaxing, eating, going shopping and etc. I swear I have been to target at least 5-7 times so far. One exciting food adventure was that my roommate and I finally discovered really extremely delicious Mexican food in our city! I didn't like mole sauce very much before, but dang, the mole sauce here was like crack. Sooo addicting. The chicken in the enchilladas was also really moist, the service was awesome, and even the house made chips were delectable. Ah, I'm drooling just thinking about the food.

Next week will be quite busy because I will be preparing for school (buying textbooks, etc etc) and I'll be shadowing a few pharmacists! I'm really excited for shadowing because I'll be that much closer to experiencing my desired future career. I'm also quite excited for next semester because I will hopefully be working (for credit) in a new lab position where I will be more involved with projects and be joining new student organizations.

Well that's it for now. Life will inevitably be stressful, but I'm always trying to stay positive and look forward to new things.

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