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Monday, January 21, 2013

I seriously cannot believe tomorrow is going to be the first day of spring semester already and that winter break is over :( It's going to be a tough semester but I'm excited and ready to learn lots of new things. I hope I will try my best not to abandon this blog.. especially if I get a new camera (I've been eyeing one on amazon for awhile now).

I just thought I'd share some of my recent fashion/beauty purchases during (and a bit before) winter break (the stuff I actually remembered to take pictures of) and my thoughts about these products.

Starting off with one of my Cyber Monday buys.. (I know this was sooo long ago!)
Ecotools had a 50% off + free shipping deal on CM and I got all these brushes for ~$11! I lovee these brushes because the bristles are very soft (especially the eye brushes) and they work very well. I've been using the foundation brush as a concealer brush and it blends out my concealer so smoothly. 
A closer look at the travel eye brush set (sorry for the awful lighting). 
The foundation brush which works amazingly as a concealer brush. 

 Every year I only buy from Sephora twice, and that's when they send out their $15 gift cards around early December (if you order online then there's no minimum^^). I have two BI accounts so I usually get two GCs. I usually take a very long time to choose what I want since I so rarely purchase from Sephora. This year I chose:
This Yu-Be exfoliator. My face this year has been crazy dry and along with dryness, comes disgusting flakes. I had tried DIY baking soda scrubs, sugar scrubs, apricot scrub, etc but nothing was eliminating my flakes so I decided to give this a chance. Amazingly, this product works wonderfully! It makes my face extremely smooth and flake free. I got it for about $9 including shipping with the giftcard (normal price is $18). The amount of product is very generous and I think this will last me for over a year. 

I also wanted to try a new moisturizer using my other Sephora GC. I had been using my Curel Original lotion for years and years but recently my face had been too dry even after applying the lotion. I originally purchased the Sephora Collection Ultimate Moisture Kit  but it did not provide enough moisture whatsoever. I finally exchanged it for this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream two days ago. I've only used this about three times but so far I do like it because it leaves my face feeling extremely soft. I also don't experience the tight dry feeling of moisturizer being absorbed extremely quickly (if that makes any sense). I also love that I can use it on my other body parts--hands, legs, elbows, etc. I think this tub will last a very long time because a little really goes a long way. 
I also picked up the Rosebud Salve with the First Aid Beauty moisturizer so that my exchange would be completely even. I do like this even though I don't think it's anything that special: just the average petroleum lip product.
A few days ago I went to get bubble tea with a friend of mine and there was an Urban Outfitters nearby. We decided to go in just for a look but they were having 50% off sale items so I had to take advantage of that. I found a dress that I liked (I'm super into cut out dresses these days but I don't want one where I'd need to wear a backless bra). 

I really love the back! Obviously this is a summer dress so I will be saving it for then. It was about $10 on sale :) 

Last but not least, I just had to browse through Walmart today (I usually go to Target) and ended up buying this new Suave Moroccan Infusion deep conditioner. I know that Argan oil is a hugeee beauty trend these days but I hadn't tried it yet so for $2.88, I thought I might as well give this a go. Well I just washed my hair about an hour ago using this conditioner and I can't predict the characteristic of my hair when it's dry (I always airdry) but when I was rinsing this conditioner out, my hair did feel extremely soft. It kind of gave the same feeling as the wonderful conditioners that come in box hair dyes. My hair is about 50% dry and I can tell that my hair is really soft! We'll see about shine tomorrow morning. I also enjoy the smell a lot: it's a very refreshing and clean scent. 

That's it for now. I better get to sleep so I won't fall asleep tomorrow in class!

FTC: All products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own! 


  1. Great haul! I also use the Ecotool brushes and they've done well :) I hope you like them!

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  3. omg all those brushes for $11? lucky you! great blog :D

    xo; L&M