Pretty Little Liars- My "A" Guess

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm a fan of the show "Pretty Little Liars" and I think the show has been airing long enough for us viewers to make educated guesses about who "A" may be. Before I get to that, I will just have to warn you that there will be spoilers if you have not watched the show at all and wanted to delve into it or if you are not caught up.

Just a little disclaimer: I watched most of the first season (there were some episodes that I skipped). However, since Netflix stopped working at my apartment and I cannot watch this show alone (because I'm pathetically too easily scared), I did not have time to watch the remaining episodes. I decided to just forgo watching it and read all the episode synopsis instead. I know, I am really weird, but sometimes I just enjoying "reading" a show more than actually watching it haha. So most of what I know (after season 1) are based off of synopsis on the internet haha. (I also do this type of thing way too often for Korean dramas.)

Anyway, my top guess of who I think is A would have to be..............

This is painful and I sincerely hope it won't be true but I think A is Ezra. :'( It's kind of weird, I was just laying in bed and it just came across my mind... because that would be the most unexpected  person right? It seems like many other people agree. Even if he's not A, I think he's somehow part of the A-Team :( Ugh, Toby already broke our hearts but one day, Ezra might too? He can't be just an innocent bystander of the show.

Aside from it being unexpected, I just thought that there must be a reason that Ezra came to Rosewood right when everything started happening. There must be some kind of history of Ezra and Ali that won't appear on the show until near the end. Also almost all the liars' close ones have been attacked or affected somehow except Ezra (besides the time that his diploma was taken). There were some other things that people mentioned such as his typewriter, the Halloween episode where he just happened to be at the train, the scene in the first season where the liars saw him riding a bike and then as soon as he disappeared there was a text from A, and etc. It would be so heartbreaking, but not unexpected, if he was in on it.

But now that we know that there's an A-Team rather than just one A (which makes a lot of sense because how in the world would you track the girls' every movement when they're not together), the only questions that remain are who else is on the team and who is the head honcho?  Ahh I wish the show would just end so we can piece together all the info haha.

I'm dying to find out what was up with Byron Montgomery and his whole evil side. I can't believe he turned into such an incredible creep/jerk since season 1!

Well anywhoo, that is all my rambling for now. Who are your top A guesses??

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  1. Omg! You will never guess who it is. (hint: it's not Ezra.. although he does seem to appear mysteriously suspicious in the recent episodes). Can't wait until more eps are released!