Chicago Day Trip

Monday, January 14, 2013

On Saturday, I went on a day trip to Chicago with Mr.H and his classmates since it was one of their birthdays. We went to the Shedd Aquarium, which I had never visited before. There were so many interesting creatures there so I thought I'd share my favorites. (All the pictures were taken by Mr.H)

Fuzzy monkey!! I didn't take note of any of the species names that were there :( But this monkey is just sooo adorable!! Found in the Amazon. 
Little froggy!! One of the poisonous dart frogs. So adorable. 
PUFFER FISH!!! I wish we were able to get a better picture of this little fellow. He/she had really cute buck teeth and the funniest facial expression (that a fish could have). Also he/she is a fresh water pufferfish so that's why it doesn't have the spikey things. 
This fishy is so regal looking. Such beautiful colors. 

So we got the general admission ticket. The next "level" up included a jelly fish exhibit but that was $35 while general admissions was only $5. However, some parts were not very heavily guarded and we did end up being able to look at the jellyfish exhibit. Muahahah. It was a really fascinating exhibit--jellyfishes are such interesting creatures! They have an intricate nervous system, yet no brain. Their signature luminescence has no real biological reason (apparently) but they are just so beautiful to observe. 

I'm glad we got to look at the jellyfish! (I don't think I would have paid $30 extra though). 
After going to the aquarium, my feet were just so extremely fatigued! My heels, calves, and knees were just incredibly sore. I was wearing my comfortable boots but I should really wear something with cushion in the future when I know I will be walking for a long period of time. From the aquarium, we ventured towards downtown to Millennium park and Michigan Ave. 
Here is the famous bean! Of course we had to take an obligatory picture. 
We ended the day with none other than... all you can eat sushi! There was a good variety and of course the food tasted delicious. However, they did use a  LOT of rice to try to fill you up (grr). This was Mr.H's plate... I ordered a lot of rolls too. Ahh I'm getting so hungry looking at this picture! 
Overall: a very fun day trip! 

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  1. Wow, looks like you're having fun on this trip. And the jellyfish looks so cuteee! Your sushi picture is making me craving for it T_T

    Celyx Lim