Saturday, November 24, 2012

Yes, I know Thanksgiving was like 2 days ago but honestly, every day is thanksgiving to me! I'm truly thankful everyday for all that I have. Not everyday is a great day but that doesn't mean I'm blessed with soooo many wonderful things. These days I've been really just counting my blessings instead of my problems (I think that's some kind of quote?) and I think I'm just a more positive person overall compared to how I was before.

I can't  and can believe it's been so long since I last updated. I just finished pretty much all of my midterms and it's now time to begin studying for finals. Time passes by SO much quicker when you're studying than when  you're having fun haha. Like seriously, if I spend 8 hours at the library (which does happen.. a lot), time cruises by and before I know it it's midnight. I'm sooo excited for winter break and hopefully time will slow down a bit and I'll take everything in.

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving and such. I didn't do anything all day besides making pie crust and it was awesome. Then my mom kind of took over everything. I didn't take a picture of all the food because I kind of just pounced on the food since I was saving my appetite for dinner.

Again, I'm so thankful to be where I am right now and I'm going to try and enjoy the holiday season as best as I can! It's definitely my favorite time of the year because everything is so cheerful and vibrant. I'll definitely try to update more since I'll probably be shopping, eating, and doing more things (maybe)!


  1. Glad you were able to get the scratch card! See you soon~:)

  2. that looks so good :) mmmm