The Awkward First

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Over the years, I've created so many blogs and each time it's the same when it comes to the first post. It's just kind of awkward. Should you introduce yourself? Should you start like you've been blogging for years? For me, it's always very difficult to write the first post.

I guess for this blog I will take the "introduction" route. I created this blog awhile ago and I've been coding and coding. I "graphic designed" for fun years and years ago but when it came to making a banner for this blog, I was totally stumped and uninspired. Eventually, I just decided to keep it very simple, and feature some pretty pictures taken by my friends.

I kept having the urge to make another blog, one that I will hopefully keep up with for a long time. There are so many blogs out there that I love to read and I love learning about other people and their passions (in a non stalker way of course) so they inspired me to start my own blog.

I have no idea where this will go, how many people will read it, how "successful" it will be but it was just something that kept popping up in my mind and something I kept saying that I wanted to do. So, to cheesily put it, I "followed my heart" (I am cringing at the cheesiness, seriously) and here it is.

I hope to keep this up regularly and that readers will be able to find amusement in this blog.

So here is where I currently am in my life.

I have just finished my summer class, an organic chemistry lab, and now I am anxiously waiting for my grade. I just don't feel very confident about the final exam.. so anything could happen.

It's almost the end of summer and I cannot wait for fall to come! It has been way too hot this year... just way too hot!

And.. last but not least, today I pretty much did nothing all day except stay inside and work on this blog.

Well, that's it for now. Here are some random photos because no blog post is complete without pictures!

My roommate's new Totoro phone case! It's so adorable!

Some food porn from almost 5 months ago :O. Lots and lots of sushi!

I made a grilled burrito tonight for dinner, and it was really delicious!

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