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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hi everyone~!
Today (well, it's actually night now haha), I'll be writing about my current favorite hair dye: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring. The color that I will be reviewing is in #2, Dark Brown. There are a total of 7 different colors, (black, dark brown, natural brown, wine red, sweet orange, gold blonde, and mocha pink). 
Dark brown is literally a dark brown color. I prefer to use Asian hairdyes because the color depicted on the box is much more accurate than non Asian hairdyes. I also love foaming/bubble hairdyes because the formulation really does help the whole dying process become much easier. This was actually my second time using this hair dye because it really does a great job with hair coloring!

I've been dying my hair for a few years now and have used both American dyes and Asian dyes. The only non foaming dye I've ever used was Garnier Nutrisse--the formula was way too messy. From then on, I tried Prettia, the original foaming hair dye, and then the John Freida version of a foaming dye. Unfortunately, both had great results initially, but the color faded too rapidly. 

Back to the Etude House dye: 
The hair coloring set includes the hair color, developer, and a hair mask. It also  included plastic gloves and a wrap (not pictured). 
There are only Korean instructions but it's very self explanatory. You mix the developer and hair color together (but you're not suppose to violently shake it, just gently swing it from side to side), pump out the hair coloring foam, and place it all over your hair. 

This is how the dye looks when applied. Unlike the illustrations, it will not stay foamy in your hair haha. That really doesn't affect the outcome though. The application process was so easy! I divided my hair into top and bottom sections and just plastered the foam everywhere. 

The whole application, including mixing, probably took just 15-20 minutes. After applying all the dye to your hair (one bottle was more than enough for my long but layered hair--see pictures below), tie all your hair up and then wrap a plastic bag around your head. (warning: you will look incredibly silly), and wait 30-60 minutes. The dye instructions recommended 30 minutes but wait longer if you want a more vibrant color. I only waited about half an hour because I was impatient. After waiting, simply rinse out all the dye, shampoo, and apply the conditioning mask. My hair felt alarmingly dry and hard while I was rinsing out the dye, but the hair mask that is included is amazing! The mask really restored a lot of moisture in my hair and it felt unbelievably silky. 

So here is my hair color "before". This is the result of roots growing in after dying my hair about a year ago with the same color.
And then after dying my hair:
I actually went to the same place for both these pictures and tried my best to achieve the same lighting (I even sat at the same table and ordered the same food haha). Though the lighting turned out to be a tad bit different, I think these photos depicts the results pretty accurately.

As you can see, my roots weren't completely dyed so I did not get an even color overall :/. However, this is my own fault because I did not put the dye on my roots first!!  I think the rule of thumb is, if you already have dyed hair, dye the roots first then the ends; if you have never dyed your hair before or if you don't have roots, apply dye to the ends first and then the roots. Well, it looks like I learned this the hard way. However I don't mind this uneveness that much because I can slyly pass it off as "ombre" ;) hahahah. My roots did become a dark brown color, very close to the color on the box. As for my already colored ends, the color became more ashy and less brassy, which I'm very happy with. 

What I Like
-Cheap: Less than $10 on eBay. Even cheaper (about $7) in Korea.
-Easy to use: This is definitely the most hassle-free dye I've ever used--a huge plus!
-Color does not fade
-Not damaging: For my hair, which is already thin and fine, this dye did not dry my hair out or cause it significant damage. In fact, the mask that is included works so well that I think the condition of my hair even improved after using the dye
-Accurate color: Even with naturally almost black hair, the color pictured on the box accurately depicted the resulting color. I cannot speak for the other colors in this line, but dark brown turned out lovely.

What I Would Change
-Color can become brassy: Like I mentioned earlier, I used the same dye and color previously. Comparing my before and after picture, I think that the "before" color is slightly more yellow and brassy. So with time, even if the color does not fade, it can change tones. I prefer the ashier color in the "after" picture and would love this dye even more if this color could remain the same.
-Hard to obtain: If you don't online shop or have friends who visit Asia and can bring you back goods, then it will be a bit difficult to purchase this dye. 

Final Verdict
I have had such a wonderful experience using this dye. I highly recommend it if you have dark hair and want to dye your hair by yourself. Honestly, I don't think I will use another hair dye! 

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I've Been Indulging a Lot.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hi everyone~!

How are you guys doing? I just have to say, I am so so so thankful for everyone's lovely comments and support! Thank you guys SO much!! I love visiting everyone's blogs and interacting with you guys so much :)

Today's post will be just one of those random life update posts. I apologize in advance for everything being kind of choppy and seemingly random because my thoughts are scattered all over the place. It's close to my bed time and the past few days have been quite long.

My life is pretty routine right now so I guess there isn't really that much to update haha. Literally pretty much everyday is the same--work, library/studying, run, sleep (and of course a ton of eating)--but I don't mind too much because it's pretty relaxing, except for studying *sobs*.

I never thought I would say this, but I actually enjoy running a lot! It's very relaxing and allows me to forget about stressful thoughts for a bit, even in terrible humid weather. I also get to see my friend since having a running buddy motivates both of you a LOT more so it's kind of my main social time. The route that we take is also really pretty because it's along a lake and there are lots of trees and plants.

Not surprisingly... food is probably one of the most exciting parts of my day haha. I seriously look forward to every meal and then I also enthusiastically plan my next.. =_='' Sorry if food pictures bore you.. but I have been eating a lot! Mostly it's with my co-workers because we all plan our social events around meals haha. We always eat lunch together and it's just a nice time to relax and socialize.

Today, my co-workers had planned to have a bbq and grill, as well as swim. At the beginning of the day, the sun was shining and it was seriously scorching. Just walking 10 minutes to the bus stop left me sweating like a pig >.<. We didn't mind too much because the eating area was under a roof so at least there was shade. We were also very excited to swim so the hot weather  would be perfect. Well.... about half an hour into grilling, it started to downpour, A LOT. That didn't stop us from grilling though because  one of my co-workers absolutely LOVES to grill and she just kept going under an umbrella. However, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) and now we were shivering cold! =_=. We decided that it wouldn't stop us from going into the water though..and luckily the water was nice and warm. But swimming in torrential downpour and getting out of the water was a different story...

Despite the weather and slight discomfort, I was so happy to eat so much delicious food and spend time with some of my favorite people ^_^
One of my favorite new foods has to be fried plantains! Plantains are really gigantic bananas except they're not really sweet. My co-worker makes amazing fried plantains that are extra crispy.Yum :)

Fruit tart and fruit salad ^_^. An attempt to be "healthy".

And of course, it isn't a bbq without lots of meat and beer. We had beef tongue (yes, tongue) and kalbi--delectable :). It was also my first time trying a really really dark beer...It will probably be an acquired taste haha.
In other news, I've been  seriously considering purchasing a DSLR! I just absolutely LOVE how the pictures turn out and always oggle at DSLR pictures. I think it would also enhance the quality of my blog and reviews if I took better pictures. But I know they are extremely extremely pricey, so it is definitely an investment that I need to thoroughly research. I also know that I will be ridiculously busy once the school year starts and might not have any time to properly learn how to use it..but I will try my hardest to make time.

For those of you who do use a DSLR, which DSLR do you use and would you recommend it? I would greatly appreciate your feedback and/or advice for finding a DSLR!

My price range is about $500 USD (*sweat drops*), so it will most likely be a starter DSLR. I have been looking at compact and full size ones but I really don't know how to judge what is better or more suited towards my needs...so really, any advice will be taken into great consideration!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Let's all have a great week ^_^


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Review: Hera CC Cream

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hi everyone! After a long while, I am finally back to reviewing products :)

Today I'll be reviewing the Hera CC Cream. It seems like CC cream is the new trend these days, after the BB cream craze. And then apparently DD creams are coming out soon??

Anyway, back to CC creams: the Hera CC cream stands for "complete care" cream while some other CC creams stand for color correction/control cream.

I actually purchased sample packets of the Hera CC cream because the full size product is about $40-45 on eBay, which for me is super pricey. I saw that many sellers were selling multiple packets of sample sizes (1 ml each packet) and decided that it would be safer to start with those instead. Therefore, I cannot comment on the packaging of this product, but I will discuss the actual product.

This is what the full size product looks like. Stock image from Amazon.com (not my image!)
Like most BB creams/CC creams, there is a very limited amount of shades to choose from. With the Hera CC cream, there is either shade 1 or shade 2, with shade 1 being "pink beige"--for pink under
tones--and shade 2 being "natural beige"--for a more yellow undertone. 

Product claims from amazon.com:
  • Air Brush technology : Your skin keeps moisture but it looks soft and bright without greasy feeling.
  • Spot Eraser technology : It clings to your skin and covers freckles. But it still looks natural like your own skin.
  • New Layering technology : It contains 50% of moisturizing ingredients. Its innovative formula covers and smooths spotted skin tone.
  • Lifting up technology : Cell Cultivation Cocktail (Apple stem cell cultivation media, vitamin C, grape seed oil, honey, hyaluronic acid, vegetable protein) gives shiny and elastic look.
As you can see, the color is not too light and quite yellow. This picture turned out much more blue than in real life. The actual color of the CC cream is a darker, peachy color. 

Consistency: The consistency of this product is definitely not as thick as a normal full coverage foundation. However, it's also not nearly as thin and watery as a tinted moisturizer. Once on the face, it's very very lightweight--it really feels like you are not wearing any makeup at all. 

Color Match: Since it's summer right now, I've tanned probably 5 shades darker (I'm estimating from an NC25 to about an NC35 in MAC colors). I was really hesitant on buying this product in the first place because I thought it would way too light for me since most Asian products are. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it's only a little bit too light for my current color. I top it off with a lightweight powder foundation that is more of my current color and the CC cream matches perfectly :) 

Staying Power:  I have worn this product in very hot and humid conditions--sometimes even to work out! I think overall, the staying power of this CC cream is quite good. I rarely ever retouch my makeup and at the end of the day, the CC cream has only faded a little. 

Coverage and Texture on the Face: This is definitely not a full coverage product. With one thin layer, it evens out my skin tone quite well but there is still some redness. After a second layer, there is significantly less redness. My hyperpigmentation is not really covered but I don't mind that because it looks a lot more natural. One of my favorite aspects of this product is that it's extremely lightweight and it doesn't bother my skin at all. It's also not drying and doesn't emphasize my dry flakes!

Validity of Product Claims: 
-"Airbrush technology": This is definitely a moisturizing product :) It doesn't dry my skin out and feels very comfortable through out the day.
-"Spot eraser technology": For me, my freckles were not really covered but I think the coverage is very buildable and with more product, I think my hyperpigmentation can be concealed. However, I'm not sure if it will look very natural at that point. 
-"New Layering Technology": As I mentioned above, this CC cream is moisturizing and my freckles still show. 
-"Lifting up technology": The finish is mostly dewy more than shiny, which I absolutely love. The product gives a healthy glow, not a grease-ball face. I can't comment on the effectiveness of the supposedly anti-aging ingredients, but personally, I never really trust those claims in makeup. 

Photos: Here are some photos the Hera CC cream on my skin. Just a little warning, many close up pictures of my face will be posted.. including my bare face :/ 

My completely bare face: just moisturizer and lip balm. My main skin concerns are extremely dark undereye circles (but that's for concealer to take care of), redness, hyper pigmentation, and overall uneven skin tone. 
To apply the CC cream, I just dab some product on my most red and freckled areas and my forehead. I then blend it in with a flat top foundation brush (I like this more than using just my fingers!).
Here is the result of one layer of the CC cream (+ undereye concealer and eyebrows filled in^_^). As  you may be able to see, the CC cream and concealer do not really match. My concealer is a better match of my current skin tone and it's just a tad more orange/darker than the CC cream. Also, as I mentioned before, one layer does  not cover all of my redness. 
And here is the final result, after eyemakeup, a darker powder, and one more layer of CC cream. With an extra layer, more redness is covered and my skin tone is a bit more even. Like I said earlier, as long as I top my face off with a darker powder, the CC cream matches a lot better. 

Overall: I really like the Hera CC Cream. It's a very lightweight product which provides decent coverage and staying power. It helps even out my skintone while keeping things looking natural. I will highly consider buying the full sized product when I'm done with my sample packets!

There are definitely a wide selection of CC creams in the market right now. I might try different brands in the future! Have you tried CC creams yet?

Thank you for reading!


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